Scott Conant Soon to Be Very Busy; the New Shake Shack

Scott Conant has lots to keep him busy until his next major restaurant project, including a book, a Home Shopping Network deal, and a pilot for a cooking show. [The Strong Buzz]
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A customer sues Zen Palate for serving her jagged little pieces of metal along with her meal. [NYP]

The lines at Grom have grown even beyond Shake Shack proportions, stretching a whole city block. [Serious Eats]
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All that sommelier patter about tasting the earth the wine was grown in? Scientifically speaking, its basically a crock. [NYT]

While the owners of Chumleys look into buying the half-collapsed building theyre in and restoring it, former regulars remark that the place had already lost its character: The old Chumleys crowd is all dead and buried; its a tourist place now, one says. [NYT]
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Montrachet puts half its cellar on the auction block. [Decanter]

The Silver Palate Cookbook is now 25 years old and has now become a touchstone of baby-boomer culture. [NYT]

The KFCTaco Bell in Greenwich Village that started the great rat scandal will not reopen, its parent company says. [BusinessWeek]