Did Marcel From ‘Top Chef’ Really Just Rip Off Wylie Dufresne?

Really, it's just a coincidence! wd-50's egg, left, and, Vigneron's.Photos courtesy wd-50 and Wired Magazine

Marcel Vigneron, the memorably unpopular molecular gastronomist from last years Top Chef, can add the staff of wd-50 to the long list of people that can't stand him. The place is agog at the effrontery of Vigneron, since they believe he has brazenly ripped off one of chef Wylie Dufresnes best-known dishes. By the looks of a feature in the current issue of Wired, Vigneron has created a showpiece dish of a cyber egg, the yolk of which is made of carrot-cardamom pure, surrounded by a white of hardened coconut milk. Very interesting, given that almost the exact same dish (minus a garnish of foam and carrot) has been served often at wd-50, is featured on the restaurants website, and, we are told by members of the staff, has been eaten by Vigneron at least twice. Its one thing to be inspired by a dish and to change the flavors to make it your own, says line cook John Bignelli. But to just steal everything? How can you do that? Dufresne, staying above the fray, declined to comment.

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