City Gears Up to Better Police Labor Violations; Beef Threatens Fish at Le Bernardin

City Council to introduce a bill giving authorities more power to crack down on restaurant labor violations like the alleged ones at Saigon Grill. [MetroNY]
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Kobe beef, having once appeared on Le Bernardin’s menu, is taking over and chasing the fish away – a fact chef Eric Ripert is less than thrilled about. [NYP]

Bizarre details of Mr. Chow’s abuse emerge from the lawsuit, including information about one employee who was forced to lie on the floor and be menaced and even kicked by the diminutive restaurateur. [Gawker]

Hints of a possible Jody Williams–Keith McNally split at Morandi emerge on an industry bulletin board. [Eater]
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The restaurant rule of thumb that you can retrieve food from the floor if it’s only been dropped for five seconds? It doesn’t hold up to the glaring light of science. [NYT]

Red Hook food vendors are using the Porkchop Express as their major means of communication until their own site,, is up and running. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]

China de Puebla, a Mexican-Asian fusion restaurant, just opened up in Harlem. [NYT]

In farthest Brooklyn, near 65th Street and Fort Hamilton Parkway, are the Royal Magnifico bakeries, hailed as the best in the borough by Gothamist. [Gothamist]