Unspeakable Images of Bottino’s Kitchen Are Now Burned in Our Brains

There are few sites that entertain us more than Shameless Restaurants, where anonymous industry toilers rant about their current or former employers. However when we ran across this post on Bottino, a restaurant we like, we weren’t so much entertained as grossed out and skeptical. If you have a good appetite right now, you may want to hold off reading this screed from a former waiter.

I left because I was so disturbed by watching the dish washer dump emty beverages directly onto the fish he would clean every day during lunch. The sink was full of refuse and seafood all mixed together everyday and that to them is normal. If you could imagine the prep-kitchen with it’s pork-loins covered in flies and the Chinese guys who would pee into a drain on the floor and then go back to food prep without washing hands you get a pretty
clear picture.

All too clear! On the other hand, we probably will go back there. So maybe that short-term memory loss wasn’t such a bad thing after all.

Bottino’s Fresh Fish [Shameless Restaurants]