Pies-N-Thighs Co-founder Flies Coop; Menu Stretches Out

Why would someone this happy ever leave?Photo courtesy Pies-N-Thighs

If youve visited Pies-N-Thighs in the last six or seven weeks, you may have noticed Steven Tanner, the restaurants resident chicken and barbecue man, missing in action. The laconic chef exited the business in early February, leaving the thighs half of the business in the capable hands of Diner and Spotted Pig alum Carolyn Bane, who bought out his interest. (Steven loves to cook, Bane tells us, but he didnt want to own a restaurant.)

Co-owner and baker Sarah Buck is still plugging away, and though Bane makes the chicken exactly as before, she has expanded the menu to include okra pudding with country hominy; boiled herby shrimp dressed with cilantro, jalapeo, and celery; and that southern classic, pimento cheese with Ritz crackers and pickled okra. And shes working on more: she-crab soup; house-ground sage sausage; green bean, egg, and bacon salad; and house-cured pickled vegetables. Well miss Tanners eccentric, moody manner though; it was part of the places no-frills charm.