Pichet Ong Is Ready for His Close-up

P*Ong's Roquefort soufflé, walnuts, and arugula ice cream
P*Ong's Roquefort soufflé, walnuts, and arugula ice creamhaha

Pichet Ong’s reputation as a dessert and small-plates master has made P*Ong one of the season’s most awaited openings, as Rob and Robin relate in this week’s issue. For his solo debut, the former Vongerichten lieutenant, who rose to stardom at 66 and Spice Market, has whipped up a menu filled with the kind of complex savory-sweet, Asian-inflected dishes that he helped make so au courant. And, as the Robs point out, there’s a ten-course tasting menu if you want more than just a bite and an exotic cocktail. P*Ong opens Friday and is taking reservations now.

Openings: Insieme, Tiffin Wallah, P*Ong

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P*Ong Menu