Porchetta Owners Claim Neroni Forged Their Signature

More info is filtering in on the Neroni Affair. Steven Hall, who has taken on the role of Neronis defender, passes along an admission from the Desperate Chef that, yes, he was fingerprinted, but that he was neither arrested nor Mirandized; authorities merely took a Polaroid of him, not the infamous mug shot. Neroni has affirmed that he often signed Marco Riveros name to checks with the owners permission, but Riveros wife and business partner, Shannon, denies this. Jason signed his last two paychecks when he thought he was going to be fired, to make sure he got the money coming to him. Prior to that, of course not. I dont know anybody that would let an employee do that. Shannon reiterates that although she and her husband have no desire to hurt Neroni or, worse, get caught in an endless tabloid story, they have no intention of dropping the charges.

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