McNally Loves Balthazar and Maria Bello; Imus Types Prank Chinese Restaurant

Keith McNally talks about Balthazar, where the breakfast service is "absurdly busy" and his last meal would be "on the navel of the actress Maria Bello." [Mouthing Off/Food & Wine]

More radio morons in hot water: CBS suspends Elvis and JV for pranking a Chinese restaurant, asking for "shrimp flied lice," making dumb egg-roll jokes, and other old-time, racist vulgarities. [CBS News]

Spain’s El Bulli named top restaurant in the world again. No. 2? The Fat Duck in London. It’s a proud day for molecular gastronomy. [CNN]

Sometimes you can’t get a table in Staten Island. [Staten Island Live via Gawker]

The food industry is lobbying the FDA to call cheap, vegetable oil-based confections “chocolate.” [Chow]

One hundred thousand pounds of E.coli-infected hamburger are being recalled; this on the heels of Friday’s recall of 259,230 pounds of steak. [Nation’s Restaurant News]