Taking Food Snobbery to the Next Level; Paula Deen and the Pork Giant

Localvores are highly virtuous and a big pain in the ass. [NYDN]

Paula Deen finds herself on the wrong side of a Smithfield Foods labor dispute, and striking workers are calling for her to sever ties with the pork giant. [NYT]

Its not just red wine with fish anymore: Celebrity chefs are leading the way toward more imaginative wine and beer pairings, from Joe Bastianich's pouring Dom Prignon ros with roast pheasant to Laurent Tourondel's quaffing beer with his steak. [Forbes]

Sure, there are posters on how to do the Heimlich maneuver, but dont expect the staff to know how to actually do it. [Diners Journal/NYT]

Caribbean Asians have carved out a space for themselves, and their food, in Queens. And it all started with a potato knish. [NYT]

The New York dairy business is about to go organic, upping production (but not lowering prices). [NYT]

Heres first look at Mercats Catalan food. [Restaurant Girl]

Ad images next to grim, real-life snapshots of food what more do you need to know? [Serious Eats]

Grub Street takes home MINs Best of the Web award for Best Blog. What, you've never heard of MIN? [Grub Street]