More About That Hunky Sam Mason

One quarter of a buzz: the Butternut and Falernum cocktail.Photo: Everett Bogue

Were not the only ones following Sam Masons path to power at Tailor: The April issue of Food Arts has an excellent article on the cocktail program at the restaurant-lounge. (Its not online, but weve scored a PDF.) Given that Masons mixologist, Eben Freeman, made his bones alongside the chef at the cutting-edge wd-50, its no surprise that the drinks are wild sounding. The magazine gives descriptions and recipes for four of them, including a Lychee Daiquiri With Soy Caramel, a Butternut and Falernum cocktail (a bit like butternut squash soup with a kick), and a Brandy Truffle Flip. With drinks that rich, whos going to be hungry enough to eat?

Tailor Made [Food Arts]
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