Food and the Sopranos

Sadly, The Sopranos are coming to an end. After the last episode was shot this past week, a wrap party took place at the New York nightclub Home. But, naturally, the stars were hungry. The New York Daily News, God bless ‘em, kept track of what the Sopranos cast ate. Tony Sirico and Doninic Chianese, apparently, are chicken guys. However, Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Robert Iler prefer pizza. Isn’t it great when newspaper gossip columns offer this much detail? It all follows in the tradition of Sopranos-related food obsessions on the web. We recently found this entry on the Amateur Gourmet about sopranos-style cookery and an MSNBC review of Steve Schirripa’s (Bobby Bacala) cookbook The Goomba Diet.

Gatecrasher [NY Daily News]
’Sopranos’ star writes ‘The Goomba Diet’ [MSNBC]