Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about the Beard Awards, Iacopo Falai

A primer on the glamour, rivalries, and after-parties of the Beard Awards (not as exciting as it sounds) reveals that if youre a Kansas City restaurateur, youre screwed. [NYS]

Iacopo Falai discusses his love affair with food, fails to explain why he hires haters for waiters. [Cravings]

The Times launches "Dining Briefs," which of course is nothing like Diners Journal. [NYT]

Chefs fume over whether to make Nioise with canned tuna. Also, why do they call it chicken of the sea? [NYP]

Hamptons alert: Jay McInerney to host the opening of the new incarnation of JL East. [NYP]

S. Pellegrinos list of the worlds best 50 restaurants: No surprises here, lucky for Keller. [The Guardian]