Even Peeps Aren’t Safe From Brooklyn High-Hats

Even the poor peeps aren't innocent!
Even the poor peeps aren't innocent!haha Photo: Epicurious.com

The level of Brooklyn sanctimony is always sky high, but this flyer, just posted on Epicurious, really takes the cake. Even innocent Peeps aren’t secure from freewheeling vegetarian assaults! But what really told us that Brooklyn had passed beyond the fringe was the fact that Gourmet food editor Ian Knauer, the poster, far from having a bit of sport at the flyer, goes even further. Though disavowing vegetarianism himself, he points out that if you are truly an orthodox believer, not only shouldn’t you eat marshmallows, but even sugar has the marrow taint: “Both the largest and second largest producers in the US use bone char filters made from beef bones.” Judas priest! Is there some kind of vegan-ethics Olympics going on in the 718 that we don’t know about? Never mind. We know the answer already.

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