Easter Meals, Six Ways (and Five Days) From Sunday

Estiatorio Milos had a little lamb, and its fleece was removed before roasting.Photo: Associated Press

Theres more to Easter than binging on Peeps and throwing up in church 2,000 years of beautiful history, for one, and special Sunday dinners for another. Last week, we told you where to have unusual Seders; this week, Rob and Robin tell us where to get the best Easter meals. Because our Borg-like database must continually grow it will someday consume us all weve nabbed you the menus. They run the gamut from old-school Easter antipasti and spaghetti with lamb rag (at Lupa) to whole-roasted lambs (pictured above), rotated on the sidewalk in front of Estiatorio Milos. And none of them, were glad to report, include Peeps.

Easter Feasts: Uptown
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