Alain Ducasse Hates Molecular Gastronomy; BLT Market Pushed Back to August

Alain Ducasse speaks out on his restaurants, his rivalry with Joël Robuchon, and the challenge of running a global empire. But his most pointed remarks are about molecular gastronomy: “I prefer to be able to identify what I’m eating.” [Bloomberg]

BLT Market, Laurent Tourondel’s entry into the Haute Barnyard sweepstakes, has been pushed back to August. [RG]

“Hipster chef” Sam Mason’s new Internet TV show gets love in the Daily News, which swooningly describes him as “witty, goateed and extremely good-looking.” But you already knew that. [NYDN]
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The Food Network, having made missed the boat passing on Top Chef, descends into the ranks, looking to crown the top sous-chef. [Eat for Victory/VV]

Think Gordon Ramsay in NYC is expensive? The one in London is so much more costly that you can fly here from England, eat, and fly back for what a meal there costs. [Metro UK]

Asian-American groups call for the heads of DJ and Elvis, the two dopes who were suspended earlier this week for pranking a Chinese restaurant on the radio. [Mediachannel]

A fifteen-minute anti–foie gras horror film will be making the rounds of chefs and business executives throughout the country. [Crain’s]

Rhode Island is a diner paradise, packed with traditional railcar eateries and historical devotion to their origins. [NYT]