Veselka 2: Electric Boogaloo

Will the damn NYU students find common ground with the damn Columbia students?Photo: Youngna Park

Veselka, an East Village mainstay since 1954, may soon have a twin: Owner Tom Birchard says he wants to open another full-scale restaurant. (Little Veselka, the Houston Street takeout kiosk, opened last year.) Hes looking at several downtown locations, the Avalon Christie complex on East Houston Street among them the same building Daniel Boulud is thinking of dropping a new place into. But if Birchard had his druthers, hed head uptown. The ideal neighborhood would be the Upper West Side, around Columbia, he tells us. But I dont want to be spending an hour going there and back every day. That would just be the most logical place, in terms of whats there and who my customers would be. Wherever he goes, the kasha king is sure of one thing: I am going to re-create the Veselka weve had here for 53 years. Well, sir, you can certainly try.