Varietal’s Ed Witt
Pink-slipped; Jordan Kahn Apparently on the Way Out

Eater reports that Ed Witt, Varietals head chef, is leaving. The restaurants critical reception has been less than absolutely stellar, with Adam Platt giving it two stars and Frank Bruni awarding it one (out of four). I think it would be silly to say that [the reviews] didnt play a part, owner Greg Hockenberry tells us, confirming the departure. Was Witt fired? Weve been looking to make a change for a while. Okay. What about Jordan Kahn, the postmodern dessert whiz Eater earlier claimed is on the way out? Well be making an announcement about that, too, Hockenberry says. Uh-oh. Best of luck to both of the chefs, then.

EaterWire: Ed Witt Leaving Varietal [Eater]
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