Twist Your Baseball Caps Back: Blind Tiger Reopens Thursday

Earlier we let you know that the venerable Blind Tiger, after trying to pass as a coffee shop and then finally shuttering, had finally been cleared for a liquor license at its new location. Now comes word that it’ll reopen in time for its eleventh anniversary this Thursday.

Says co-owner Dave Brodrick in his newsletter:

We had just heard our license wouldn’t be granted until the Mets won the World Series, so we were very surprised when our lawyer called with the good news … The draught system is going in, we just ordered fifty kegs and I don’t know how many cases, Louise is firing up the kitchen, and Carl Uhlman is flying back from Hawaii, having had to cut his vacation short … Our hours will be 4 p.m. to 4 a.m., seven days a week, until we get our staff together. Down the road, we’ll be open for breakfast and lunch.

The upside of all the drama, we suppose, is that if you need to sober up, the place probably has the best coffee of any bar in town. — Daniel Maurer