Mandler’s Releases the Dogs Near Port Authority

We’ll admit that the upside-down exclamation point isn’t a good sign.Photo: Melissa Hom
Garlicky krainerwurst, plump knockwurst, Italian sausages, classic kosher frankfurters: All these things and more (zucchini fries, corn fritters) will soon be within easy reach of the weary folks streaming through Port Authority (weary Times workers will have to wait until they’ve moved into their fancy new tower). Mandler’s, the Union Square wurst mecca, kicks off expansion plans that include the Upper West Side, Midtown East, and franchises in other states with Monday’s opening of a second location on Eighth Avenue. Besides being significantly bigger than the original, the midtown store will sell crêpes and smoothies. All in all, it’s a smart move for Mandler’s: They’re not only introducing their brand to the valuable bus-tourist demographic but the porn-DVD browsers and Siberia revelers as well.

Mandler’s, The Original Sausage Co., 601 Eighth Ave., nr. 39th St.; 212-244-4777.