Activists to Have It Their Way at Burger King; Classic Kitchen Pranks

Burger King swears off cage eggs and inhumanely treated pork — although it will be a while before its suppliers can catch up with the new policy. [NYT]

New York molecular-gastronomy alert: Spanish neurologist-scientist-chef Dr. Miguel Sanchez Romera is scoping out NYC locations — must have greenhouse. [NYP]

Cafe Fonduta’s ordeal with the Department of Health highlights the overall klutziness of the system. [NYO]

It’s still a mystery how Thomas Keller makes great fries from standard frozen ones. [Serious Eats]
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Joël Robuchon demonstrates three deceptively simple ways of preparing fish. [NYT]

April Fools’ Day is always fun in the restaurant business: Imagine being the guy who had salmon skins melted on to his car. [NYP]

The Upper East Side’s Pastrami Queen dispatches a Pastrami Princess to the Chelsea Market food court. [NYS]

A matzo-sculpture contest inspires results like a wailing wall (made of matzo) and a “video game” (made of matzo) starring Super Mario (also made of matzo). [NYS]