PM Owners to Open Harlem Restaurant, Bistro-Bakery-Club in Sascha Space

PM owners (and brothers) Kyky and Unik are poised to increase their footprint on the meatpacking district: They’ve acquired the space that formerly housed Sascha and plan to reopen it in June as an as-yet-unnamed three-part venue that’ll include a 24-hour sandwich spot with bakery, a casual Italian bistro, and an exclusive lounge with black-on-black décor that will host D.J.’s and live music.

For the bistro, Kyky tells us he’s negotiating with a noted chef from “a very famous place in New York” to hammer out an eclectic menu: “If someone wants a steak tartare, a risotto, seafood pasta, or burger, we will be able to provide that,” he assures us.

Sure, the meatpacking district needs another bistro (Italian or otherwise) like it needs a big-ass billboard, but credit Kyky for the other project he’s working on: In three months he’ll launch Bistro de Paris in a 3,500-square-foot space at 129th Street and Lenox Avenue. The look? “A mix of Pastis and Balthazar.” The menu? Similar to both. Presumably there won’t be as many limos parked outside — well, unless you count Bubba’s motorcade. —Daniel Maurer