Per Se Mixologist Now Shaking Things Up at Bemelmans Bar

I like big bottles and I can't deny...
I like big bottles and I can't deny...hahaPhoto: Courtesy of Brian Van Flandern

Earlier we told you that Bemelmans Bar had hired Per Se’s former mixologist Brian Van Flandern to snazz up the cocktail list that Dale DeGroff and Audrey Saunders built. This week Van Flandern has started quietly serving a few of his $19 concoctions, including a Dry Rye Cherry Sling that’s a variation of a drink he served at Per Se (save a buck!). If you want him to fix you one personally, he’ll be at the bar Tuesdays through Saturdays until early May; rest assured that by tomorrow, when the full cocktail list is implemented, you’ll be in equally capable hands with Jose Ortiz and Tommy Rowles: They’ve been behind the Carlyle’s bar almost 50 years each and two of the new drinks are named after them. —Daniel Maurer

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