Gansevoort Owner Apologizes for Sign He’s Not About to Take Down; FDA Acting Shady

The owner of the Hotel Gansevoort abjectly apologizes for its monstrous sign but says that the lease has been signed and that there’s no way out of it. Whether this satisfies Keith McNally and other opponents remains to be seen. [NYP]

Rachael Ray conquers yet another swath of America, becoming the official “spokes-chef” for Dunkin’ Donuts. She will develop a line of dishes for the chain. [Nation’s Restaurant News (registration required)]

The FDA allowing factory farm veterinarians to use cattle antibiotics which may lead to resistant microbes and eventually endanger humans. The Times is not down. [NYT]

A Brooklyn man has written a book on the “Twinkie Industrial Complex,” breaking down every ingredient in the spongy snacks and encountering Homeland Security along the way. [NYDN]

New York Deputy Health Commissioner assures the public that rats, while gross, are not really that much of a health risk and don’t carry food-borne disease. (Just other kinds of diseases, apparently, as medieval Europe discovered.) [NY1]

After what was a pretty tough year, Gordon Ramsay awards himself a 2.1 million pound bonus. [Thisislondon]

Con men are passing high-end counterfeit wines, and the FBI is taking it seriously. [NYT]

Where to find the new breed of diners keeping the flame. [amNY]