Where Do I Party With Pupu Platters? And Strong Drinks? And, Oh, Mirrors?

Dude, is that not the greatest awning to smoke under?
Dude, is that not the greatest awning to smoke under?haha Photo: Jason Perlow, Off the Broiler

Dear Grub Street,

I’m on a quest to find the perfect restaurant venue, so naturally I went straight to the source. A group of fifteen to twenty desperately seeks a Chinese restaurant with over-the-top hokey décor, mirrored walls, and decent food. And strong drinks. Well, the mirrored walls aren’t a requirement, but someplace that will allow semi-raucous, dressed-in-a-theme patrons and hopefully not be more than $25 a head. Does this place exist?


Yes, Andrew, there is a Santa … er, Chinese restaurant sure to fill your wildest party fantasies. King Yum is far, far away — Fresh Meadows, Queens, to be exact — but it’s one of the last big, raucous, old-time Chinese-American fun palaces, where you can drink mai tais and face down tiki idols all while filling up on psychedelically dyed pupu platters and fried rice. As for your $25 ceiling, that’s a bit low for this day and age. Still, they won’t hit you too badly, and you probably won’t mind spending the extra few bucks once you’re hammered. So go ahead: Put on your wacky costumes, jack a school bus (or wait for a new subway line to be built), and let the good people at King Yum do what they do best — put a crooked smile on your face. And, oh, about the mirrors: We seem to recall walking into one near the bar 

King Yum, 181-08 Union Turnpike, Fresh Meadows; 718-380-1918.