Health Department Inspector Caught Sleeping on the Job; Kanye West, Foxy Brown Food News

A Health Department inspector is caught on video snoozing at a bar when he was supposed to be tracking down rats. [NYP]

Keith McNally and other meatpacking-district residents are trying to work things out with the Hotel Gansevoort and its monstrous sign. [NYP]

Kanye West has curry delivered — from England. His tab? Almost $4,000, without tip. [The Independent]

There’s a whole new world of weird spices used by chefs, and many come from Le Sanctuaire, the Santa Monica gourmet store many consider the Tiffany’s of the restaurant business. [NYT]

NYC strikes back at Wendy’s and White Castle over their cheeky attempt to avoid displaying calorie information. [Nation’s Restaurant News]

Foxy Brown pulls the old dine and dash at Junior’s — and it’s not the first time. [NYP]

The perfect steakhouse just doesn’t exist in New York: If the steak is good, the room is ugly, or the wine list is lame, or the fish is bland. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]

What’s so terrible about eating horse meat, anyway? Americans did it plenty in the past, after all, and it’s not like pigs and chickens are treated any better. [NYT]

Upper West Side feinschmeckers unmoved by anti–foie gras Fairway protestors. [NYT]

Meanwhile, on the Upper East Side, a fish market opens and then closes when its neighbors discover that fish markets smell like fish. [NYT]

John’s of Bleecker Street closed temporarily for what they say are minor, non-rat-related health violations. [NYP]