Gordon Ramsay’s Dark Side Revealed; Staten Island Pizza Conquers the World in Vegas

According to a revealing new profile by Heat author Bill Buford, Gordon Ramsay isnt a bad guy, but he does get angry, helplessly and uncontrollably angry not an earthly anger but something darker and has trouble knowing how to stop. [NYer]

State legislator proposes an A through F system of grading restaurant hygiene, but the Department of Health is against it. [amNY]

A Staten Island pizzeria beats out a field of 65 from six countries to win the 23rd International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas. Its Deninos, right? Joe and Pats? No. Its Goodfellas Brick Oven Pizza. [NYDN]

Op-ed: Kudos to Wolfgang Puck for exerting his vast influence on behalf of healthier, more humane food. [NYT]

Contrary to Dom DeMarcos prediction in the Post last week, DeMarcos is open again, at least for now. [NY1]

Rachael Ray is no Meryl Streep when it comes to showing her satisfaction, as this strangely hypnotic video compilation proves. [Naomi Leibowitz via Gawker]

Portions have become so supersized that now T.G.I. Fridays is experimenting with reducing them, and seeing if America will put its money where its mouth is. [NYT]

Nobu bigwig Richie Notar is partnering with Ian Schrager to run Wakiya, the Gramercy Park Hotel's new, Allen Yaoless restaurant. Chef Yuji Wakiya will be producing Chinese food through a Japanese eye, Notar promises. [NYP]

Geoffrey Zakarian admits to serving Calvin Klein resalted and reheated McDonalds fries at 44 restaurant in the Royalton. [NYP]

The question of just what technically constitutes vodka is far from clear. [NYDN]

Bread service seemed doomed at one time, but Varietal, Sfoglia, and Robuchon are reversing the trend. [Diners Journal/NYT]