Gordon Ramsay Now Wants to Please You

Duck confit croquettes not pictured.Photo courtesy Gordon Ramsay at the London

Its no secret that Gordon Ramsays hasnt exactly set New York on fire: As Adam Platt noted, his food is expensive and not very exciting. Ramsay mustve been listening, because hes introduced a prix fixe menu priced to rival the $28 lunch being offered at nearby Jean Georges.

Every day from 11 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., you can choose two courses from Ramsays lunch menu, in slightly larger portions, for $25, or three for $31. In other words, youre basically getting it at cost. (We might even drop in for the white-onion velout with duck ragout and shaved prigord truffle.) The chef has also introduced a bites menu at the London Bar (where theyre also serving the prix fixe lunch) that sounds pretty damn good, featuring duck confit croquettes, crisp cod fritters, and a warm pear tart, among other things. Such dishes really need to be done right: The croquettes could be gut bombs, the fritter greasy. But although he might be jerk, no one has ever said that Ramsay couldnt cook. Of course we still wouldnt want to be his neighbors.

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