Enviro-Friendly Eateries Take It to the Next Level

By now, its become commonplace for restaurants of a certain environmentally correct ilk to cite their purveyors on their menus, especially when said purveyors are boutique organic farmers or tiny artisanal producers. But two restaurants, Frannys (Brooklyns Chez Panissean pizzeria), and Danny Meyers Shake Shack, might be the first establishments to name-check their energy suppliers. Frannys credits the progressive ConEdison Solutions, while Shake Shack simply gives a shout-out to the wind, as in The Shacks electricity is now 100% powered by wind power! In a similar vein, Maury Rubins East Village green bakery, Birdbath in what might be an attempt to discourage anyone thinking of going on a cookie run in a stretch Hummer has posted a sign advertising a 50 percent discount to customers arriving on a bicycle or skateboard. Pedestrians, presumably, pay full price. Rob Patronite & Robin Raisfeld

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