I’d Like a Burger With My Historical-Bar Brew

This burger is from Tavern on Jane, not Corner Bistro or the White Horse. Just read the post.Photo: Melissa Hom

Dear Grub Street,
Heres one Ive puzzled over. Who has the better burger: Corner Bistro or White Horse Tavern?
T. K.

The Corner Bistro has enjoyed a long ride as one of New Yorks top-rated burgers, but its been coasting on its rep for years now. Youll notice that out of twelve suggestions for burger honors in this years Best of New York, the Bistro didnt come up once. Their version is often partially pre-cooked, left sitting, and warmed once ordered. The burger comes quickly when the kitchens busy, but it's gristly. We believe you should cross the street and try the uncelebrated Tavern on Jane, where you can get a fresh, gorgeously browned sirloin burger (we take it festooned with sauted mushrooms). The White Horse, meanwhile, serves a solid enough bar patty, so if youre stuck on these two places, its the only one to visit.

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