De Marco's Maniac Caught On Tape; NYC Denied Shamrock Shakes

The NYPD releases a surveillance video of the De Marcos gun battle. Its difficult to make out, but very graphic and not a little disturbing. [WNBC]

Brace yourselves: McDonalds has decreed that there will be no more Shamrock Shakes in NYC, although theyre still widely available elsewhere. Whats up with that? [NYDN]

The Smith and Wollensky Restaurant Group is enjoying a sudden bidding war for its acquisition, after having already accepted a good offer. [Crains]

Op-Ed: rats are gnarly, yes, but their presence in restaurants isnt really that dangerous to human health. So get over it already. [NYT]
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The nations first kosher Subway opens up in Midwood. [NYDN]

The former owner of Wolfs Delicatessen and the Celebrity Deli is sentenced for several highly ingenious kinds of tax evasion. [NYP]

The latest trend: small desserts are appearing on menus as their own inexpensive side dishes. Diners Journal ponders the significance. [Diners Journal / NYT]

In part three of Serious Eats series on Jeffrey Steingartens hiring of Paul Liebrandt as a personal chef, the young whiz whips up some lasagna from the pasta in made in part two. [Serious Eats]

Banana company Chiquita is fined $25 million for paying protection money in Colombia to both right- and left-wing terrorists. Not surprisingly, they're not doing business in Colombia anymore. [Newsday]

SLA still serious about outlawing bottle service in New York nightclubs. [Washington Post]