Bourdain Talks Smack About Chodorow, Others; The Joys of Rotting Meat

The joys of rotting meat, as explained by Robert’s Steakhouse chef Adam Perry Lang. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]

Tony Bourdain was captured on video at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival talking shit about Food Network personalities to a crowd … [Snack]

… And late yesterday, laid into Chodorow using Bruni’s Robert’s Steakhouse review as a pretext: “One might ask if it’s ever a good idea anyway to spend 40,000 bucks reminding the public that the New York Times think you suck.”

Bronx Councilman Joel Rivera presents an alternative to the calorie-information rules proposed, and passed, by the Bloomberg Administration. [Newsday]
The National Restaurant Association is behind this other version. [PRNewswire]

Brash young Food Network chef Dave Lieberman rocked all night long this past weekend, then chugged cold beer during his cook-off with Michelle Bernstein. [NYP]

A Westchester Cosi restaurant was forced by headquarters to take down pictures of same-sex couples from its walls. [Fox News]

In honor of National Pig Day, Serious Eats presents a huge pork roundup, both for New York and the nation … [Serious Eats]

… And a former vegetarian takes it upon herself to eat “thirty days of pork.” [Serious Eats]