Bloomberg Boasts of Many Health Department Closures; Rachael Ray Bitten

Bloomberg doesn’t want you thinking the Health Department is slacking off. As a matter of fact, they’re boasting of closing places left and right. [NYP]

The B.R. Guest sale finally goes through. [NYP]
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Mars 2112’s landlord is ready to give them the boot for hosting hip-hop parties. [NYS]

A restoration project aims to bring oysters back to the Bronx River. [NYDN]

Lemon prices are just getting out of hand. [Eat for Victory/VV]

Dog attacks Rachael Ray in Union Square park. (Headline: “Taste of Rachael.”)[NYP]

The future of the coffee business may well be exemplified by Chelsea’s Café Grumpy, where every order is ground on the spot and the most expensive cup costs $9. [Food & Wine]

Yum! Brands Inc., parent company of Taco Bell, KFC, and Pizza Hut, brings in the Rat Exorcist. [Consumer Affairs]

At least our rat-infestation problems are giving the good people of Sydney, Australia, a laugh. [Sydney Morning Herald]

Gourmet editor Ruth Reichl is a “visionary” figure who stands alone atop the food world. At least, according to this slightly preposterous article in Adweek, which recently selected her as Editor of the Year. [Adweek]