Stop Being Perfect and Sign Up for Bite Club

Meet the newest of New Yorks ever-increasing secret supper associations: New York Bite Club. (The first rule of Bite Club: Everyone has heard this joke already.) The private meals are served out of the spacious Upper West Side apartment occupied by Daniel and Alicia, a young couple. (They wont give up their last names until they figure out if the parties are legal.)

The dinners, which are held every weekend (and which can be reserved by visiting the Bite Club Website), include six courses that the guests and the chefs agree on in advance. Basically, we opened a few months ago, and we were just cooking for friends and family, Daniel tells us. But we have a lot of friends, and this has spread through word of mouth. The guests, who never number more than ten, hang in the living room while the foods prepared (theyre not allowed in the kitchen). Nobodys been a jerk yet, Daniel says. Our dream is to own a brownstone and have a restaurant on the first floor.

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