Restaurant Sues Critic and Wins; A Study of Pizza for Pesos

Good news for Jeffrey Chodorow: A restaurant owner in Ireland has successfully sued a critic's publication for giving him a bad review. [BBC]

A Texas pizzeria riled anti-immigration types with a pesos-for-pizza stunt. This subsequent essay is part marketing communications, part sociology. [NYT]

Fun interview with Drew Nieporent. Question: Is his favorite low-end restaurant really the random Benito’s II in Little Italy? [NYT]

Andrea Strong boards the Death & Co. bandwagon in a big way … [NYP]

… But her detailed Q&A; with star bartender Philip Ward, a mini-seminar on the art of bartending, is actually much more interesting. [The Strong Buzz]

Yes, yes, you’ve read all about the different Valentine’s Day meals. But here are some for those of you in the Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island. [NYDN]
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