Read All About Restaurant Bloggers; Everybody Loves Gnudi

The Amateur Gourmet interviews Mario Batali, but he's too starstruck to get tough with the chef (like he did with Sirio). One highlight: Batali insists that you can in fact drink a whole case of wine in one sitting. [Serious Eats]

Its not an official review or anything, but Bruni ate at Maremma and wasnt crazy about it. [Diner's Journal/NYT]

There are apparently a number of New York City food bloggers who have some influence on the restaurant business. [NYT]

The Paris Diner in East Flatbush is praised as the citys last true diner, defined very narrowly as being freestanding and covered with chrome, among other things. Still, it's not like there is a shortage of old-school diners in New York, as this guide shows. [NYP]

With Montrachets closed, possibly forever, the Times highlights some other first-class restaurants along West Broadway. [NYT]
Related: Rob and Robin explored the topic a couple of years ago, on the occasion of the Tribeca Film Festival. [NYM]

Daniel Bouluds long-awaited uptown wine bar finally has a new name: Bar Boulud. We were partial to some of the other names they were throwing around, like Viniel. [NYP]

They've never heard of General Tsos chicken in China's Hunan province, an ironic fact given the dishs status as the world's most famous Hunan food. It was actually invented here in New York. [NYT]

Andrea Strong interviews an NFL nutritionist. [NYP]

Details on the death of a man at BED restaurant and nightclub. Did he accidentally fall down that elevator shaft? Or was he pushed? [NYDN]

Everybody loves gnudi, the ultralight, free-floating ravioli filling. [NYDN]
For help figuring out the difference between gnudi and gnocchi, Rob and Robin created a useful guide. [NYM]