Designer Lyn Devon Survives Fashion Week With Pizza and the City's Best Cappuccino

"I had an entire container of chocolate-covered nuts and raisins."Photo: Melissa Hom

Lyn Devon designed for Ralph Lauren and Zac Posen before starting her own house out of the basement of her Broome Street apartment in 2005, dressing Sarah Jessica Parker and Julia Stiles. Normally shed be dining out with friends (her fridge holds little more than hummus, ice cream, and beer), but during Fashion Week, twelve-hour workdays rule out anything beyond the occasional late-night decompression session at the local dive bar. Besides constant coffee and water, we wondered what else fueled her as she prepared for her show yesterday morning.

Thursday, February 8
I got up at 4:30 a.m. my show started at 9:45 p.m. I had a banana running out the door and stopped to get a ginormous Starbucks. At the Bryant Park Hotel bar, I had an entire container of chocolate-covered nuts and raisins. Later we ordered a plain, greasy New York City pizza. Tonight Im having a party to celebrate the show, and were going to my favorite Brazilian restaurant Casa my first proper meal in a while.

Wednesday, February 7
We were doing final fitting on the models, organizing the run of show, and accessorizing styles and looks. A couple days before the show, my mother always gets the studio catering from Dean & DeLuca around the corner. Im a vegetarian so she ordered grilled-vegetable sandwiches, chickpea salad, and Caesar salad. For dinner we had lunch leftovers. When I got home at 1 a.m., I had an ice-cream sandwich.

Tuesday, February 6
For breakfast, I had a cappuccino at Via Quadronno. Its a proper Italian caf with the perfect amount of foam, the perfect temperature. Its even better than an Italian cappuccino.

At the studio, my mom did the Dean thing. We had a vegetarian feast that lasted through dinner. They also put some brownies and cookies in a fruit basket.

Weve dressed Sarah Jessica Parker. Im friendly with her stylist, Tracy, and wanted to go say hello to her at Woo Lae Oak, but I just literally ran in and said hello and had a quick sip of someone elses drink and left.

Monday, February 5
I had breakfast at Via Quadronno; they have amazing breakfast paninis. Later I had one of those disgusting on-the-go bars and coffee. Then we ordered cheese pizza from Bens. For dinner we had leftovers. Recycling is the theme of the week.

Sunday, February 4
We didnt go into the studio because we had no fittings. I slept very late and then went to Via Quadronno for coffee. I went over to my familys apartment to have an early Sunday dinner. We had chestnut soup and a big salad with cheese. And my moms famous salad dressing she actually sold it once. Its a vinaigrette that you can put on salad, fish, anything.

Saturday, February 3
All of us had an early breakfast. Caf Caf has really yummy raspberry and apricot rugalach. And bagels. Later in the day, between waiting for girls to come and finishing garments, we had pizza from Bens and ginger ale always soothing for a nervous stomach.

Theres a traditional Irish pub near where I live the name I wont give, its almost embarrassing. I had a beer there with two friends in my building and went home.

Friday, February 2
We were working on our soundtrack, playing it over and over again at a really loud volume. Sometimes when Im going, I dont remember that Im hungry until the major part of the day is over. Then I just order in with everyone. We had vegetable rolls and seaweed salad from Ido dangerous fast-food sushi! As told to Daniel Maurer

Lyn Devon: Fall 2007 Fashion Show