Tourists Come Here to Eat; A-List Chefs Heading to South Beach

“Culinary tourism” is on the rise, and New York is one of the prime beneficiaries. “This is to me more interesting than museums,” says one tourist. [1010 WINS]

It’s not easy for a fast-food franchisee out there, with all those germs floating around. [NYT]

The upcoming South Beach Wine and Food Festival is being described as the “culinary Super Bowl.” [Miami Herald]

Since there’s not enough regulation here already, a city councilman wants the federal government to force companies to list the caffeine content of all their beverages. [Newsday]

This list of the top-ten food scenes in movie history includes a few predictable calls (Eat Drink Man Woman’s opening banquet) and a few stretches (Pee-Wee’s breakfast from Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure). [Chow]

Milk-shake prices have gone through the roof. Is it thanks to fashion or economics? [NYT]