White House Chef Confirms Bush Is Crackers

"Next, I'm opening a can of whoop-ass on Iran."Photo: Getty Images

“The Loneliest President,” the cover story in this week’s magazine, keeps resonating with us. Earlier, we wondered aloud whether Bush’s near-delusional state had something to do with the departures of his two pastry chefs. Now we discover that a new memoir, White House Chef , from former head cook Walter Scheib, who was fired by the Bushes in early 2005, supports John Heilemann’s suggestion that W. is an emotionally stunted, narcissistic personality incapable of empathy or growth.

Bush, who called Scheib “cookie,” “wanted his food to hit the table at the same time his posterior hit the chair,” and would never eat anything green or “wet.” What did he eat? Almost exclusively BLTs, grilled-cheese sandwiches made with Kraft singles and white bread, peanut-butter-and-honey sandwiches, and hamburgers. Whichever item Scheib had at the ready, the president would reject. (Scheib learned to anticipate this, keeping all four foods prepared at all times.) In his final weeks on the job, Scheib admitted he was fired, rather than saying he resigned. For this perceived act of disloyalty, he was immediately dismissed. The chef does not reveal whether Bush then turned over his bowl of Cheerios.

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