A Haute Barnyard Ethics Crisis; KFC Rats Hit the Big Time

Elaine Kaufman, the beloved proprietress of actor hangout Elaine’s, has seen a lot of Oscar parties and talks about them in this Q&A.; [NYDN]

An Haute Barnyard ethics crisis: Blue Hill’s Dan Barber on the day he added almond oil to his carrots. [NYT]
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The rats running around that KFC-Taco Bell have become a tourist attraction. [NYT]
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Wouldn’t you know: KFC and Taco Bell corporate parent Yum Brands Inc. is not happy with its restaurants being known for hosting rats. [Nation’s Restaurant News]
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Aldo Sohm of Wallsé, recently voted the top sommelier in America, answers questions about wine and food pairings. [NYP]

Shun Lee Palace very much influenced Chinese food in New York; now there’s a cookbook. [NYDN]

Honeys are the new salt; New York chefs on which ones they like best. [NYDN]

It’s a golden age of pickles here in New York. [Serious Eats]