Alan Yau Isn’t Coming After All; There’s Always the Bronx

Ian Schrager finally admits that Alan Yau isn’t coming to New York after all: "The challenges of coordinating our preparations across three continents were ultimately out of sync with our timeline." [NYP]

So it took the Poughkeepsie Journal to bring New York its first detailed feature on the current food culture of the Bronx. [Poughkeepsie Journal]

A report on the convention of the world’s leading molecular gastronomists in Milan. [LAT]

The first report on Fireside, Sam DeMarco’s new restaurant in the Omni Berkshire Hotel. [Restaurant Girl]

What’s the deal with those plastic-wrapped date bars seen in every Korean grocery? [Serious Eats]

Valentine’s Day chocolate guides are de rigueur this time of year, of course, but Ed Levine’s actually has something new to add to the conversation. [Serious Eats]