President Bush: Let Them Bake Cake!

Bill Yosses, thankful he’s not baking for Cheney.Photo courtesy
What is it about working for George W. Bush? Can he be so neurotic, as this week’s cover story asserts, that even the guy who bakes his cakes can’t stand working for him?

In 2004, Roland Mesnier quit as the White House pastry chef after 25 years of service. Last year, his replacement, Thaddeus R. DuBois, left when his former employer, the Borgata, offered to double his $120,000 government salary. Sure, they’ve both got good reasons – DuBois got the money, Mesnier was on the verge of retirement age – but there are few baking gigs more prestigious and sought after than this one. Or at least, up until this administration. Meanwhile, it was just announced that Bill Yosses, a veteran of Tavern on the Green, Montrachet, and Bouley will be the next man taking on the title. If Yosses leaves that kitchen before the president leaves office, it’ll confirm that life under the same roof as Bush is no cakewalk.

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