Mr. Chow, Dojo, and Other Biggies So Flunked Their Health Inspections

Clearly, the toilet at this place just wasnt up to par.Photo: Andrea Gingerich

Taking an active interest as we do in hygiene, we keep an eye on the New York Health Departments restaurant-inspection site. Usually, its outer-borough taco joints and the like that flunk their tests. We were surprised today, however, to find a few big names cited for everything from suspect shellfish to something worse than supect rats.

Ladies-who-lunch Soho shopping pit stop Goblin Market was flagged for improper toilets and food held over 41 degrees, among other things.
Full report: Goblin Market

NYU healthy-eats refuge Dojo has numerous violations, but one stands out: rats!
Full report: Dojo

Savannah Steak, a midtown meatery for the expense-account set, has a toilet facility [that is] not maintained flying insects, and unnamed food protection issues.
Full report: Savannah Steak

Did that big plaster nose in the window sneeze? Trattoria dellArte, a favored neighbor to Carnegie Hall, got hit with eleven violations, ranging from a sinister general to an all-too-specific shellfish not from approved source.
Full report: Trattoria dellArte

The plutocratic crowds dont much mind the prices at Mr. Chow nor has the quality of the food ever really bothered them. Still, bare-handed employees coupled with no soap by the sink adds up to a failed health inspection.
Full report: Mr. Chow

Manhattan restaurants dont get much more romantic than Caf des Artistes, the classy French date restaurant on Central Park West. Unless you take into account inadequate plumbing and other violations.
Full report: Caf des Artistes

We always liked Docks Oyster Bar but the Health Department wasnt exactly charmed by the mice, flying insects, or inadequate and nonexistent garbage receptacles.
Full report: Docks Oyster Bar