Neroni Chastened; California Goes After Trans Fats

"What's next butter, bacon, lard?" a California restaurant exec asks of a proposed trans-fat ban there. This is sounding very familiar ... [News10]

Smith & Wollenskys Times ad congratulates Danny Meyer on six stars; Meyer uses the word hospitality only once in thanking them. [Snack]

Porchettas Jason Neroni sounds a lot humbler in his Gothamist interview than he did while begging for a Beard nomination. On his wd-50 days: People would come in, look at the menu, and say, Can you do the old menu stuff that Wylie used to do for us? [Gothamist]

Among the differences between East and West Coast restaurants: There are no French restaurants left in L.A., food scribe declares. Also, there aren't as many boozehounds out West. [NYS]

Spitzers Department of Agriculture and Markets: Foie gras is not an adultered food. [NYS]

Starbucks to stop using growth-hormone milk; price hike in the works. [NYP]