More Reasons for Ramsay to Worry; Could Use Some ‘Time Out’ Love

Frank Bruni wants to dislike Mai House but just cant quite bring himself to do it. [NYT]

Meehan has no reason to like Pardos so he doesnt. [NYT]

Paul Adams tepid on Gordon Ramsay, citing his great competence and little sparkle. [NYS]

Alan Richman awards Ramsay one big ouch; hes reminded of the French-international cuisine that British chefs turn out whenever they ply their trade aboard cruise ships. [Bloomberg]

Klee Brasserie apparently finds its way into Randall Lanes heart, though thoughts like its a bit of a mishmash, but a good mishmash dont fully convey the apparent chemistry they share. What with all the positive mini-reviews of Caf Pierre, Guadalupe, and Benjamin Steak House, its a veritable lovefest over at Time Out. [TONY]

Brooklyn spot NoNO Kitchen charms Andrea Thompson, who rather drily observes that its quite good, if not exactly phenomenal. [NYer]