Almost as Good as Rodney Dangerfield: Back to School With Culinary Stars

The Insatiable Gourmet herself, Gael Greene.Photo: Patrick McMullan

This spring a season which were glad to remind ourselves of as we enter drab February the Institute of Culinary Education will be offering a roster of recreational classes that we heartily recommend, despite the fact that (full disclosure) self-deprecating Grub Street editor Josh Ozersky will be teaching one. Many friends of Grub Street and a colleague, Gael Greene, who will head up An Evening of Excess will be passing along wisdom on everything from blintzes to methylcellulose.

Marcus Samuelsson, The Soul of a New Cuisine, March 27.
Samuelsson isnt just a chef, hes a culinary activist. His cooking at Aquavit and Riingo has been lauded, but we respect him even more for his book, The Soul of a New Cuisine, a cultural history based on his travels in Africa.

Will Goldfarb, Experiential Cuisine June 14-16.
The cake whiz behind Room 4 Dessert shares his gastronomic philosophy, which involves understanding the manipulation of food on a chemical level.

Odette Fada, Backstage at San Domenico, February 16.
Recent New York Diet star Chef Fada gives a tour of her kitchens, a cooking demonstrations, and a three-course lunch with a glass of wine.

Sam Merritt, Float My Guinness, March 16.
Beer guru Merritt, whose home beer tutorials we recently endorsed, talks Guinness, Guinness, Guinness.