Is GoldBar Readying Its Blowtorches for Cain’s Biggest Spenders?

The plot grows thicker in the curious case of Little Italy hot-spot-to-be GoldBar: A tipster says the owners of Cain (who are joined in the secretive opening by David Tetens, former operator of Lotus) have been tracking that bar’s biggest spenders so they can give them VIP cards for the new place. (“As for Cain tracking top clients, of course they do …” e-mails a publicist. “But are Cain clients getting VIP cards to GoldBar? NO.”) So what can we expect when it opens on February 1?

Our tattler, who says Cain’s mixology whiz Chris Carr is helming the cocktail program, tells of a drink that involves a blowtorch, another that’s sprayed with lavender-infused water, and (ready for this?) grapefruit ice cubes. Our source had also heard that, as previously reported, Death & Co. bartenders are on board, but tightlipped co-owner Robert McKinley insists it’s all misinformation. “What a gourmet chef is to cooking, our cocktails will be to alcohol,” is all he’s saying. As for the bar grub, there’s no marquee chef involved, just “refined food, all small plates, nothing you need a fork with. It’s an Italian-style bar, so it has an Italian inspiration.” Still no official door policy, but according to McKinley, “It will be very polite.” So get ready to be ever so politely turned away. —Daniel Maurer