Graydon Carter Acts Out; the Ultimate Diet

If youre a regular New Yorker and you dont like the sound of construction outside, youre out of luck. If youre Graydon Carter, youre still out of luck, but at least you can lash out. [NYP]

Readers write in to Brunis blog on the subject of the Cult of the Chef. Some of them seem to actually be in favor of it, to the critics surprise. He gives no ground, though. [NYT]

Dusty cakes sitting in the window of a Williamsburg bakery have officially reached landmark status. [NYT]

Dessert guru Franois Payard has new book on canaps out, sounds the praises of small bites. Piece includes recipes. [NYDN]

Hotels have awoken to the fact that room-service food usually stinks on hot ice and that its high time they try to do a better job. [NYT]

McDonalds finds its perfect oil at last and can now join the trans-fat banned-wagon. Although when theyll actually do so is still anybodys guess. [NYT]

Looking to lose weight? Dump your significant other and youll jump-start the ultraeffective Break-Up Diet. You have no life, so you dont go out, and hence you dont eat anything. Also, youre compelled to punish your body in the gym now that youre on the market again. Yay! [amNY]