Dona Closing Saturday!

“Those aren’t the specials — that’s an eviction notice!”Photo: Jeremy Liebman
Dona should be riding high this week — Adam Platt just named the Greek-Italian fusion eatery one of the best new restaurants of 2006, and chef Michael Psilakis also topped our critic’s list of the best up-and-coming chefs. But if we’ve inspired you to visit the place, you’d better act fast: Owner Donatella Arpaia has given up her lease (under duress — a developer is installing a hotel in the building), and Saturday will be the last night the restaurant is open for dinner. She tells us that she’s searching for a new location in the neighborhood but has no idea when it might reopen. In the meantime, the haute Greek restaurant she has been planning with Psilakis (and which we announced in November) will be installed in the space currently occupied by Acqua Pazza. Small comfort, that.