Schnäck to Scherve Schupper, Schports Fans

Harry Hawk, patron of children and drunks.Photo courtesy Harry Hawk
Red Hook’s haute fast-food joint Schnäck has been popular with children and drunks since it opened. But that just won’t cut it anymore. "The neighborhood is changing and expanding," owner Harry Hawk says, "and we have to change and expand with it." In an effort to feed Red Hook’s new families, whom Hawk sees as "looking for and needing an affordable meal," the eatery will be adding entrées to its menu, including steak, spareribs, chicken dinners, and other comfort-food standards. Schnäck is expanding in another way, too: The restaurant now runs a burger concession at the food court in Aviator Sports and Recreation, the new sports complex at Floyd Bennett Field — where more children and (postgame) drunks await.