Inside the Landmarked Lavatories of the Four Seasons

Miss Piggy would love the women's-room lounge.Photo: Daniel Maurer

According to Adam Platt, the venerable Four Seasons Restaurant contains the citys greatest dining room (the restaurant's interior is actually landmarked). We wondered whether the restrooms measured up and who gets the nicer facilities, the men or the ladies. All shall be revealed.

Use the vibrating shoe polisher (top left) at your own risk.Photo: Daniel Maurer

Theme: Designers Mies van der Rohe and onetime regular Philip Johnson got modern with marble. Gray marble and dark wood paneling make the mens lounge feel a bit overcast, but the womens lounge is cheerier: It includes an anteroom with a leather bench, puffy suede walls, and makeup-room mirrors fit for Marilyn Monroe.

Privacy: The slim stalls completely cocoon one in marble and oak; they're sort of like coffins, in a good way.

Amenities: Gentlemen get quilted toilet paper in the stall; at the sink, Scope, John Varvatos cologne, a lint roller, and the coup de grce: a fifties-era stand-up electronic shoe polisher. Women get candles in the stalls; in the lounge, tissues for blotting lipstick.

Drawbacks: Obligation to schmooze the attendants.

Strategy: No need to shell out $68 for a lobster: The mens room is right next to the front entrance, so pedestrians can duck in and out unmolested. Just remember: Jackets required.

Rating: Daniel Maurer